Woah…New Blog!!!

After some consideration spanning over a couple of months, I’ve decided that I can’t be bothered to learn the code needed to massively improve my blog, so I’ll just use the code someone else has learnt and is providing free of charge.

I was planning on moving the blog earlier, but couldn’t find a way to customize the header. However, as you may see, I have discovered the solution to this problem. A way to change the header. Which means I can still be an individual even though loads of people use WordPress same as me!

That’s all that really mattered, actually. My uniqueness. My being-white-in-a-crowd-of-Asians-ness.

And so, welcome to my new blog, through the gate. You may remember that the old theme was Faith not Feeling, but I feel that God has taught me that lesson and He doesn’t need 365 1/4 days to drum it into my mind. Lesson learned!

So, the current title is beforethealtar, but this is not a theme. Just a title for now. Enjoy!