Moving Onwards

Yesterday became the last iD for me and all the other grads, and it was a pretty good way to go. First of all, I learnt a couple new things about myself:

1. If my memory is anything to go by, I have a decidedly boring life, which results in a slightly uninteresting skit of it. However, in my opinion, I tell all the funny stories when they happen, and once I’ve shared them with someone, they disappear from my instant recall memory.

2. Christabel IS weird.

3. Hardback Bibles are for girls.

I also realised just how much of a blessing iD was for me. I don’t know if all of you know how I came to go to iD, but here’s the downlow:

In the September of 2004, I decided quite randomly after going to my old church to go to iD, because Chrissy had been inviting me off and on the past couple of months.

I met up with Chrissy and a bunch of crazy Chinese people in town (you all looked the same then) and hung out in iD… All alone… And yeah, Cat didn’t speak to me because the Brazil Exchange Student T-shirt I was wearing made her assume I didn’t speak English. Mwaha.

After that, I met up with Melonie before iD and we walked there together every Sunday after I went to the service at my old church.

In November, I decided to take the dive and go to the English Service, and it turned out OK, and I decided to move entirely from my old church. This was mainly because all my friends at my old church had gone to uni, and the teenagers left were my sister and her friends…and being a groupie with your sister’s friends is kinda weird. So, the fellowship of iD had big appeal (the youth group didn’t come to a total of 1!) And it was such an awesome place to be yourself.

I think, looking back over the two years, I have changed SO MUCH as a result of iD. In my opinion, I learned a lot more about myself around other people than on my own, and thus a lot has changed. I tend to think before I act a bit& more now, resulting in less of the brash actions that were a significant part of me before, and I learnt to play guitar and lead worship (albeit not perfectly as yet).

I also became an official Chinese groupie! I see Chinese people on the streets and want to smile at them, ’cause I feel there’s a connection between us, but then I realise that they probably don’t know how Chinese I am… Whiteness kinda hides the yellow inside…so they wouldn’t feel the connection. Smiling would probably give the impression of a person about to lynch mob them. :-S

iD was also the place where I found my first true, deep friendships. Thank you to Chrissy, Sam, Cat and Debra; you all have played a HUUUUAAAAWWWGE part in the change inside of me (cue MercyMe’s Crazy)!

iD has successfully resulted in me becoming more crazy, confident, weird, patient, thoughtful, Godly. I’ve grown spiritually, I’ve matured (hmm…some may want to contest that last statement) and, by God’s grace alone, I’ve started to become more of the person God intended.

Thank you to Bert for all your awesome work. Your willingness to be a tool of God has set me on a firm foundation, and a path of learning. I can’t wait to see how the current iD turns out in 3 years πŸ˜‰


Thinking back, it’s amazing what would NOT have happened had I not gone to iD:

1. Probably wouldn’t have learned guitar. Or led worship. Thus, Amalgam8 would have been led by…someone else…

2. I would not be in a student house with Debra. Who’s Debra?!

3. I would not know the ins and outs of town. The 50/35 bus would be all I used.

4. I would not have cut myself on a tin of baked beans washing up today. Owowowow!

5. I probably would not have met the Ho family. And they would probably have a lot more fruit left in their houses.

6. I would not have chosen the course I’m doing now… Maybe English literature or creative writing!

7. I would not have been challenged creatively in my graphic design, web design, music compositions or photography by the inspiration that is Bert.

8. I would not have met Nick. Or George. Or Cat, Josh, Lil G…etc etc.

9. I would not have been as confident to step into the unknown (still a scary prospect, but I’ve had lots of experience meeting weird people and there’s no one left who could surpass you all on that level).

10. I would not have gmail. *gasp!* *shock!* *horror!*