19 And Counting…

On Sunday..? I was talking to Sam, and it came up that birthday was Monday, and she asked if I was going to do anything, and I really didn’t know. I wanted to, don’t get me wrong, but organising your own birthday celebrations seemed pretty sad. Thankfully, though, Sam volunteered her services in rapidly organising a birthday party for the next day. Hats off!

Sunday afternoon, went to Sports Cafe with George, Alan and Debra and who gets ID’d? The two oldest (and shortest)! And who gets in without being ID’d? Nick! Fun times, fun times.

Monday, I had my first day at uni. Which was OK. Except I grossly miscalculated the time we had for lunch and thought I could go home and come back again but… realised 5 minutes away from home that I had better head back to train station or I’d be late and… I was. By only 5 minutes, come on. But yeah, interesting impressions Tuuli has already set. Great.

Got back Monday around… 5pm? Saw Debra, got lots of letters (wooh!) and stuff, and latest Hillsong United CD (not a present – an order from internet!) and yeah, stuff happened, then people came and we had pizza!

Sam & Ho co. + Chrissy got me the most amazing present(s) ever, loadsa food and soap (?) and crisps and biscuits and sweets and stuff. I got a lost of impresivissimo stuff, ie. The Longest Yard DVD (thanks to Nick and Alan for that) which is still funny the second time round. Flowers from George… the orchid opened up at night and the pollen’s stained the back of the curtain. Oh well. Will be interesting what the next tenant makes of that one.

Pizza….Doritoes…then FILM! With the aid of George’s (Telford Congregation?) projector, a MacBook Pro and Busby speakers, we had the most awesome cinema viewing of The Longest Yard. Awesome.

After film, digressions involved PhotoBooth, Daddy Long Leg rescuing, Mel-scaring, theory-test revision… (Obviously worked – Sam passed!)

Then…people left, people stayed…finally got to bed about 2am…but Sam had other plans.

She atTACKed me with a PILLOW. Then George came and joined in!

“Birthday beatings! 1, 2, 3…18, 19, 20!”

“I’m not 20!”

“The last one was for good luck!”

Yeah, right. You just enjoy attacking me. George decides to go back to other room, knocking code as follows:
1 knock = yes
2 knocks = no
3 knocks = shut up and go to sleep

5 minutes later, 3 knocks come through the wall.

So we banged back really hard, and soon had a pretty funky drum beat going. Yay!

Today, went uni again, then worked at Millie’s (second shift ever, this time with managerial accompaniment), followed by a night out at a Balthi on Bristol Rd with Cat and Bee. 🙂 They bought me a cake. And I suggested they should give it to the waiters to bring out later. Which they did. (Actually, I suggested that I should be the one to ask for it to be brought out later to surprise myself…just to see what the waiter would do). So, ’twas pretty cool. Even got a drink on the house (George shout-out: Brandy and coke (no cherry, I’m afraid.) Then dawdled off home and put a load of washing in (I’m desperate. Though maybe not as desperate as previously.)

I think that’s it. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so awesome. You’re all awesome! Pictures can be found at Khang’s blog. (Windows 95: Plug and Pray!)