I is SO cool, man!

Three black girls came to Millies today…was doing their order, then they started saying “Put it in da other bag, man!” and I was thinking, “What?” and then one said, “Oh, you won’t get it…” and I couldn’t resist the temptation..!

“Is it ’cause I is…Never mind…”

They thought I was funny. “You’re alright, man.”

I’m alright. You here that? I’M ALRIGHT!

Before that, Millies turned into a glasses-and-watch dispensary where both Cat and George showed up to collect their respective items, which they had left lying around my house. I’m too good for ya.

On a different note, highlights of this week include:

Buying a Lighthouse album for £1.64 (p&p included – £1.24)…Wahoo!

Buying some awesome shoes for £7.49…marked down from £25… Yeah, baby!

Getting Hillsong United album delivered on my birthday… ordered only three days before… from Hong Kong!!!

Pretty cool. Ah, you Chinese… so efficient.

Think my manager kinda weirded out by the amount of Chinese people I know. A lady came in and asked where the Hippodrome was, I sent her left down the street towards China Town… Now thinking about it, it might have been the wrong way… ooops. And George, just hanging around to scav food…


On the application for my next job, my responsibilites for Millies will include tourist information dispenser. Is it the uniform?! Because just looking at me, I don’t look knowledgeable!!!