A Most GEEE-nius Invention…!

It may not interest some of you out there, but I thought these were awesome. Totally useful.

A USB battery.


And because it’s really late, the following will consist of bad grammar or copy-paste quotes, but will hopefully enlighten you on the product and its meaningful nature.

What do:

– “This NiMH AA cell can be used like a normal battery and can be recharged simply by plugging into a USB port. ” (Note Apple laptop in picture below:)

Why good:

– “When travelling USBCELL can simply be recharged from your laptop, without the need to carry additional chargers.”

Why Want:

Is good ’cause, like, I is still got one o’ dem ol’ cameras what still takes dubble-A batteries – you know? – an’ it means I won’t hafta worry ’bout der bein’ no plugs where I go ’cause I can just, like, plug dese batteries into my laptop, innit, and den I can carry on takin’ pik-chah’s o’ my mates, like.


What Cost:

£12.99 inc. VAT + free p&p. Blimmin’ expensive, like.

Why GEEE-nius?

‘Cause it make good sense, like. And also, “USBCELL can also be recharged from approved NiMH mains chargers.”


Where found:


Why I Not Get…?