One minute she’s sitting on the back of the sofa, then she suddenly squeaks and disappears from sight…! I was WETTING myself! There was no provocation or anything from me at all… She just…went!



Other news… my house is completely full now, all of my housemates are here permanently. It’s awesome. Though my interactive abilities are starting to wane after two weeks of hard socialising with new people…It tires you out, really. Though, I guess I’m catching Sam’s bug and really look forward to meeting new people, in the hope they’ll be awesome to hang with. I’ve met a couple of the like, so far.

And last night, discovered one of the strange and random squeaks that keep sounding in my house is a smoke alarm in one bedroom whose battery has run out… so we had to turn off the electricity last night so that Sarah could sleep…cause the smoke alarm is linked to the mains electricity. I don’t like these B’ham Uni regulations…

So yeah, the things you find out run on electricity! Internet doesn’t work, because the cable modem is linked to the main… Hot water doesn’t work, because the boiler is linked to the mains… Gas works though… Kettle doesn’t…

Cheez Worm

The things you come up with at 10am…