Millie’s Meanderings

Scene: Millie’s Cookies, Saturday, 11am

Tuuli is making a capaccino for a customer.

Milk is steamed, nicely frothed, then she reaches for the container with chocolate powder.

Sprinkles on drink. Notices strange smell.

Gives cup to customer, who pays for it, then goes away.

Tuuli suddenly realises. Turns to other employee.

“That powder isn’t chocolate powder, is it?”

It was cinnamon. And we’d both been using it instead of chocolate powder to put on drinks…

Saturday was manic, non-stop serving, baking, cleaning. Worked 10-6, 8 hour shift, shattered.

Stayed night at Sam’s. Remembered change of clothes, but not my toothbrush! Gosh, no! And not my contacts solution! Not even my pyjamas!
I seriously have no idea what was going through my head. Nothing, apparently. Or, if anything was, it was obviously going through nothing. Such a ditz.

Went to bed at the crazy-early time of 12…woke up at 8.30. Had around 8 hours sleep ( – went to bed does not mean went to sleep – ) and woke up fresh from the longest night of sleep I’ve had in over 2 weeks, and promptly fell asleep in church. For 2 minutes. (Aside: Bert, I tried! Only 2 minutes!)

So, the longer I sleep, and the more rested I am, the more tired I am. It didn’t help that I had another shift after church (half an hour late…oops) covering someone else. *sigh* Never again!

I learnt that the walk-in freezer in the Millie’s storage room in the depths of Bullring is not meant for people wearing a T-shirt (albeit it a quite thick, green one.)

I learnt that -17 degrees celsius is not even meant for people wearing jumpers.

I decided that it’s meant for people wearing a coat, who know what they’re looking for and don’t have to search for ages and keep jumping out every 2 minutes to try and regain some body heat.

OK, so down in the bottom of Bullring, our storage room is up 10 or so steps from the bottom level of the dungeons floor. The lift stops at the very bottom, but there is no lift to this half-way up part of the floor.

Tuuli has a shopping trolley she needs to get up 10 steps. Tuuli asks nice River Island worker how to work funky lift thing. He doesn’t know, but offers to help carry trolley up stairs.

Tuuli accepts.

Tuuli fills trolley with everything needed from store room (frozen cookie dough included…from walk-in freezer), locks up and heads back to stairs. Discovers problem.

River Island dude since scarpered back to Level 3.

Tuuli decides, the smart thing to do first, is to see if she can sort of lower it down the stairs.

Gets it down 2 stairs, before realising the thing is too darn heavy and so has to use up whatever energy she had from good night’s sleep hauling the thing back up the two steps. Dude, if I was, say, Chrissy’s height? I wouldn’t have been able to get the thing back up again. It took every ounce of strength.

So once at the top, Tuuli realises the sensible thing must be done: unloading the entire thing and taking the trolley down empty, then carrying stuff down to trolley again.


I’m sure there are CCTV cameras down there. The security guys are gonna have some hi-LAR-ious footage of a Millie’s worker looking a total ass.