Another MILLIE Adventure

Got into work at 2, just in time to find out that two giant cookies had to be iced by 3…and both me and the other girl had never done it before.

2.50…The manager’s not back yet. We have to get it done ourselves, it seems. So, the other girl isn’t gonna risk it, but I figure, hey, how hard can it be? I’ve already been creative today, my creative juices are running wild!

My assistant gets the icing ready… and I do the border perfectly.

Stop looking so closely!

OK, FINE! It’s not perfect. It’s nearly perfect.

ALRIGHT! It’s only perfect if you have one eye, a squint and catarracts.

So, anyway, it’s passable.

So, I get to work on the icing.

I realise after ‘Happy’ that the words ‘Birthday’, ‘Cat’, ‘Love’ and ‘Us’ aren’t going to fit as well.

So…wipe! Wipe! Wipe!


The icing kinda hasn’t really all come off…Some of it has stuck.

Anyway, maybe I can cover it up with more icing.


OK, that’ll have to be it. Right, over writing…

H O P …

It’s not happening.

Basically, we had to phone them, ask them to come back later, and bake another, and get the manager over from Pallasades to ice them properly.

They thought it would be funny to show him:

‘In true Blue Peter fashion, here’s one we made earlier…’

Hoppy Birthday

So uh…then…

…I was sent down to the depths of Bullring again to gather supplies in my little (Toys’R’Us) shopping trolley. Remembering last time, decided to ask how to use the mini-lift so that I would no longer have to seek out a River Island guy for help.

So I trundle through Bullring into the concrete corridor, elevator down to the SY (Something Yard) and follow my manager’s instructions.

I put the trolley onto the platform, then grab the two chains from the left to pop them into the buckles on the right of the exit. Right, step one is done.

Then I press the ‘Raise’ button and the platform goes up, I open the gates at the top and push the trolley off.

I head down to the storage room and get all the cookies and stuff (a lot faster than last time, kinda knowing my way around better – Yay! Smaller chance of pneumonia!) and trundle back to the platform lift.

I open the gates, push my trolley back onto the platform and pull the gate closed behind me. Then I pul the lock shut.

The handle falls off.


Get! Back! On!

Ah! There’s a thread… Twist! Twist!


Twist left…Nope.

Twist right. STOP FALLING OFF!

The realisation: this is not going to go back on.

I just broke something really important in the Bullring.

I put the handle in one of the recesses of the gate …

…and walk away…

If I don’t look back, you can’t pin the handle on me.