Thanks, Dude

After reflection on last Sunday’s sermon, the thing I remember most was Kenny saying, “God gives, gives and forgives, while we get, get and forget.” I think one of the other main things that I’ve learnt from the Psalms in general is the need to remember the past. In Exodus we see Moses, on at least one occasion, gather all the Israelites to remind them of their past and how God has been in control and blessed them. A lot of Psalms reflect that, I think there’s one that recounts Israel’s history and God’s faithfulness. (On further examination, I could probably find these references.)

I decided that this once I wouldn’t be a getter and forgetter, but a rememberer. I’m gonna recount how God has been faithful to me, and I encourage you guys to join in in the comments.

God, thanks so much for the speedy taxi driver who got me to uni on time.

Thanks for awesome housemates. Thanks that there’s no friction and we all get along.

Thanks for my parents. And how much they pray for me, and how they’ve loved me and brought me up in such a safe environment. (Be it Africa, America, or Britain!)

Thanks for cycle rides along beautiful, amazing canals…man, if only I could ride and photograph at the same time! Your nature is incredible – and just a ‘pale’ reflection of You!

Thanks for central heating.

Thanks for pumpkins. And carving them. With a cross. And a funky face.

Face Pumpkin Cross Pumpkin

Thanks for a lack of trick or treaters. Woot! I got to keep the sweets…

Thanks for my job. I love it.

Thanks for IKEA. And big photo boards. And photo collages. And amusing pictures of Nick. And George. And Sam. And Ross. And Matti. And thanks for all my awesome friends, in general.

Photo Collage

Thanks for Treasure Weds. Thanks for the awesome feeling you get when you help someone else.

Thanks for the awesome sunshine we’ve had recently. It’s beautiful. And makes me feel happy!