Villa lost only 1 Prem. match so far. Liverpool? 4.

Watched Russel Peters in web design class. “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!”

Made loadsa prints in photography dark room… Dodging and burning crashes and BURNS. It’s annoying. Bert thinks we got it easy, not having to develop the film or use chemicals to wet&dry prints… Yeah, welcome to the digital age.

Got DVD from UCE library – free. You know they charge £2 at Birmingham Central Library? Jeesh. Or £3 for a recent movie.

According to the trash TV on the train Britney split with Kevi Federline. Surprising? Nope. It seems there’s nothing to these Hollywood marriages…they’re all so superficial and turn out badly. Kinda depressing, the role models that people have. In media, was talking about why women are so fascinated by Hello and Heat magazines and stuff, one theory being that the fact that so many celebrities were going through the same issues that they were that it sort of ‘elevated’ them to the celebrities’ level… or allowed them to identify with them. Yeah, isn’t it great when the only way you can identify with a celebrity is when the issues you both face are divorce, plastic surgery, abuse…?

I’m getting to like hip hop. Manafest ( is pretty cool. Step Up inspired me… Though it was just a 90min Ecko Unlimited advert…with some cool dancing, sweet beats and mediocre acting thrown in… Fun to watch though. 🙂

I have an exam 1hour and 15minutes before my flight leaves from Heathrow in December… Getting the feeling I may not make it… Reschedule. *sigh*

That’s it from this side of the… world?