I like peanut butter M&M’s. Second is peanut M&M’s. Lastly, the chocolate M&M’s.They’re the worst. What’s the point?!

EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION is BACK!!! *sigh* Might be crying soon… When the reveal happens. Building a 3-storey house in 6 days!!! Did I mention that I love this show?!

So, this Christmas I am going to the States to visit my family over there with my parents, Matti and Elina. I am so looking forward to it – YEAH! – and it’ll be great. Leaving on the 14th (coincidentally, the same day they scheduled an exam at uni… but that will be reorganised for another date) and coming back on the 4th, so I don’t think I’ll be bale to see much of you uni folk from far away… Which kinda stinks. But maybe when I get back.

Anyway, it means I’ll be looking forward to a life of peanut butter M&M’s… Reese’s Pieces… Cheap stuff that’s even cheaper in January sales… possibly snow… a Pacer’s game… Life is looking up!

Yesterday I left my bank card in Muji. Got all the way to Tesco’s… (all of 5m away) …Got loadsa stuff into bags…Then I REALISED. She let me run back and get it! Yay 🙂

Oh, and I lost my phone. And someone probably took it. I just want the SIM back. With all my numbers.