So to clear the air… The History of Tuuli’s Mobile Phones:

15 years: Dodgy old Sagem MY
16 years: Dodgy old Sagem replaced with new dodgy old Sagem
17 years: Sagem dies, and Motorola Something-or-other bought off of eBay… Camera dies within two weeks.
18 years: Motorola traded in for Samsung X660.
18 years and a few months later: Samsung X660 stolen…
18 years and a month after that: Replaced Samsung X660 (v2)
19 years: Lost Samsung X660(2)
19 years: Replaced Samsung with new Samsung contract phone.

So, NO I do not always lose my phones, only ONCE and the other time it was NICKED. Just so’s you know. I’ve had three phones that havent left my possesion unintentionally.

Right. Now that’s over and done with, just so you know: my new number will be replaced with my old one in about one or two weeks. So keep the old one. Don’t delete. It’s a good number.

Mmmmm. Seeing Joey Tribiani in a fat suit…Woah. Scariness. Friends reruns…Awesome.

Last week been OK. All good.