Trivial Mentionings

Ah, three days until Christmas.

And less than three weeks until term ends, and I go to the USA.

This first semester has FLOWN by. And it’s ending in May. I think. Which is really early! So strange.

Apple News
The new Mac Ads – funny. Bert probably already knows that FM tuners for iPods will be legal on the 8th of December. December 1st will also be a discount day for Apple gear from the shops, including the online one.

These last two months haven’t been going that great spiritually, but I’m getting by. Reading the Bible again now, hopefully God’ll speak to me. Loudly.

Been thinking about the future a lot as well. Like, where I’m gona live (most likely in the same house) and who with. And how much I’m looking forward to the NSC. Which will be amazing, and to which I recommend all students to attend. Seriously worth the £65.

Also been thinking about how much more I’m going to enjoy the modules I have next year. Lotsa photography. Maybe some journalism, but I’ll see how much I enjoy it next semester. I’m learning CSS in web design and that’s REALLY fun. What have I been doing with HTML all this time?! Go Dreamweaver! I’ll maybe redesign this website sometime, yo. No gym at uni though, and that’s kinda annoying.

My Reviews
Oh, just so you know: Casino Royale = Very impressive! Didn’t know if ThingyMan could pull it off, but he did. And it was more layered than the last couple of Bond movies. More depth to the story. I enjoyed the opening credits as well, really creative. Fun to watch as well, though all the shaped made my head spin.

Constant Gardener = Also amazing. Amazing how one of the main characters wasn’t even alive for the min part of the film. Really cleverly done. I loved the cinematography. The way the camera would unfocus in the middle of a scene to mirror the characters state of mind. And the flashbacks…and the interweaving of past and present. WOAH! God made people SO creative! The way they conveyed the message… powerful stuff, man.

Jerry Maguire: Eurgh. But Debra seemed to like it.

Jack Johnson – Inbetween Dreams: *smile* (Alan: It didn’t arrive in the post; they were selling it at uni for cheaper, so I bought it. Might use the other one for a present.)

Going Postal by Terry Pratchet: OK. Not quite as good as some of the others he’s written. Have another one I’ll start reading (thanks Nick!) and then there’s also another coupla books I’ve got on my list. Other DVDs as well (thanks Sam & co.)