To Compensate for the Earlier Post

I just uploaded all my photos from my camera, and it’s been so long since I last did, some fairly old memories have been conjured by them.

Take, for example, my amusing encounter with a funky onion, with a big and a baby one inside.

Weird Onion

And then there’ s the Worship Teams/Betty Leaving Party at Janet’s, where I first met this bundle of cuteness.

Bundle of Cuteness

I have a lot of random shots of people’s feet as the flash kept her entertained. Yep, there’s mine…and again… Yin’s… BUH – LETED! ( – tribute to Homestar Runner.)

And finally, more recently, was last night’s Christmas house party…at our house. Yay. I was Ibble Dibble number 3 with 9 dibbles in the end. Ruth won as Ibble Dibble number 2 with 11 dibbles, and Debra came last as Ibble Dibble number 4 with 5 dibbles. No, I lie, it’s the other way around. Such talented people in this house.

Bailey’s + Tiramisu = Niceness.

I’ve said goodbye to Sarah and Heather for the last time 😦 and Ruth will be leaving in a bit for uni, :(, but Debra’s giving me a lift to town to catch my train, so I’ll be able to say goodbye to her later on. First, she has lectures.