Just over 3 Days State-side

So, I’ve been able to get first impressions sorted now, but all the stereotypes I’ve generated over the years are just being strengthened. The way they decorate for Christmas is so different. Candy canes are everywhere, it’s an American thing.

Plastic Fruit Tree

And I’m sitting next to a mini Christmas tree decorated in plastic apple slices, ivy and nuts. It’s tacky, ’cause it’s plastic, but I prefer it to the green/blue/red/blinding flickering lights that people stick up on their trees in Britain. All the lights are normal yellow ones, and the decorations are traditional.

Christmas Tree

Also, everything’s BIG. My Dad says one reason is the fact that most homes here have a lot more storage space than the average English one – true – but I’ve also seen some pretty big people here. It’s sad.

Things are still the same here, though. My grandparents have moved since I was last here, but their house still smells the same; I love that smell.

We went to my grandparents’ house for supper, my grandmother is an AMAZING cook. Started finishing a puzzle, while sis&bro watched Starwars Episode 2 on TV. Over dinner, talked to my granddad about him growing up, he had two brothers and two sisters, grew up in a place so warm that in summer they’d sleep on a quilt on the porch. In the winter, it was the three boys in one bed and the two girls in another. He grew up through the depression too, and picked cotton. Incredible. We’re using our supporter’s car, it’s a huge monster, a Lincoln Navigator. Went food shopping with mom. Saw Wasabi peas. You can get wasabi peanuts as well. Very interesting.

Mother/daughter brunch with Jordan -(our supporter’s daughter)-‘s friends. Hung out with Jordan, played Monopoly, Millenium Edition. (ie, blinding, flashing silver board. And stackable houses.) . Went to church, where they had a baptism, so the sermon was minimal.

Went to an AMC to watch Happy Feet, which is fun. My aunt and mom weren’t too impressed, I think they were expecting something more March of the Penguins-esque, (apologies if that was the impression I gave!). The seats were so comfortable! They rocked, as in, literally. I’m sure in a full house it could get annoying if the person in front of you is constantly bobbing up and down in the bottom of your view, but it was cool. Had burritos at my grandparents’. Finished puzzle. Played Clue for the first time. Twice.

Blue’s Clues! I love the US version.

Went shopping. Christian bookstore! So much bigger than CLC & Wesley Owen, my alternate haunts. Went Kohler (?) and… yep. Lunch. Then… messed around, watched V for Vendetta (final verdict = “blowing things up and killing people for a political reason rather than a religion is not terrorism, but a worthy cause. It gives ‘hope’.” Psh..whatever. Stupid movie.) Went to grandparents’ for dinner – lasagne, mmmmmm…. – then shopping (Walmart!) again. Got peanut butter M&Ms. The size of the packs you can get… dude, think of a 1kg bag of potatoes…and fill it with M&Ms. Woah. Watched Indianapolis Colts v Cincinatti (Bengals?). I get American football now. It’s still rubbish. Does the game EVER GET GOING!? We’re stopping AGAIN!? ANOTHER commercial?! Another ‘statistics’ fill?! ARGH! It’s a frustrating game for anyone who watches and enjoys English football, which actually runs for longer than 2 minutes at a time. The Colts won.

Anyway , WASUP! to Khang, am reading your blog and keeping up to date with what’s happening down there, seeing Wii stuff all over the place here (OK, one place) and it reminds me of you. As does every tie. Some interesting Christian ones here, but maybe a bit too loud for your tastes.

ALOHA Debra! I am gonna make you the MOST AWESOME mug of tea ever because they don’t have electric kettles here and it takes SO LONG to boil them that I am officially decaffinated and getting tired by 10. This has taught me that the only way I was getting by on an average of 6hrs sleep a day before was because I DRANK TEA. Hoodies are huge here. Found a cool one but it was 2XL. No idea what the equivelent would be.

SAM! I get back and you get the BIIIIIIIGGGGGGEEEESSSSTTTT hug ever. No one hugs good here.

Chrissy… Elina pronounced capo wrong and it reminded me of you. She said kuh-PO. And I remember how much it irritated you when I say KAY-po. Haha. So fun. Maybe I’ll start saying capo, Elina-stylee.

Cat, rock on. Truly, there is no one that compares to you here. Absolutely no one. You are one of a kind.

George&Ross – be there when I get back or be Sponge Bo-shaped. (Can’t believe you went to see that movie.)

Everyone else – please fill me in when I get back on what’s happening. FILM CHRISTMAS STUFF! Like funky dances and plays… I always miss ’em.

Anyone I missed – apologies. It’s been a long day.

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Our House

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