The Extended in oHIo

These past 3 days have made me realise what an awesome extended family God has blessed me with. I haven’t really been able to get to know them due to visits being every 3 years and brief. So much has changed since I last saw them, including 7 additions: my cousin Suzanna’s quads, (Jodie, Grace, Tobias & Samuel), my cousin Sarah’s son Cooper and my cousin Tim’s wife, Michelle, and son, Camden. (Unfortunately I never met the last two because they were out of state with Camden, who was having an operation 😦 ).

First of all, let me introduce you:

Suzanna & Her Brood
Here is my cousin Suzanna blowing out candles on her 32nd birthday.
She is as mad as me, which is perfectly understandable, with 4 offspring.

All Four of ‘Em
And here they are. (L to R) Grace, Tobias, Jodie, Samuel.

Grace - One QuadToby - Four QuadJodie - Two QuadSam - Three Quad
Grace doesn’t care if she doesn’t know you. She’ll smile anyway. Toby has the funniest grin. Jodie + blueberry syrup = blue. Sam is a dude who, if thrown onto the sofa, will come back for more.

Sarah and Cooper
My cousin Sarah and new addition, Cooper. He has many talents…

CooperDad’s Face Job - Dr Cooper
…including the ability to eat his hand, (which meant whenever he came near you he would have a big, wet fist. Gross) and facial reconstruction.

Emmie, Marinne & Dad
Sarah’s other offspring consist of Emmie and Marin, who is named after a bike by her cycling enthusiast dad, Dustin. She wasn’t enjoying this.


Emmie Marin

Dad’s Character in Golf
Most of the time my dad, Uncle Mike, cousin-in-law Dustin and sort-of-Uncle Kerry played Tiger Woods Golf. This is the monster my dad created. He has a pony tail on his head. He came joint second with Kerry. Dustin came last.

Tim, Camden and Michelle
A picture of a picture of cousin Tim, Camden and Michelle.

It was a bummer saying goodbye to everyone, knowing I won’t see them for an unknown amount of time. What was slightly embarrassing was the fact that twice it was said that I should be married. With 6 kids (I think that was in jest, but given my family’s track record, who knows?). There is a big impression here that you should get married early and start a family by the time you’re 30. Which is fine by me, but can you sort of… leave it up to God? His timing is perfect!

Now I am heading off to 2 Christian bookstores with my ‘rents and sister. Who is below.

My Sister