I went to Bobby’s and watched Cool Runnings. I ate too much and felt sick.

My body clock is still completely whacked.

My desktop is a mess. William is learning how to use a Mac.

The iPhone looks awesome, but I would be too scared to take it out with me.

Debra wanted me to blog. I oblige.

Much Afraid – Jars of Clay

Empty again
Sunken down so far
So scared to fall
I might not get up again

So I lay at your feet
All my brokenness
I carry all of my burdens to you

All of these things
I’ve held up in vain
No reason nor rhyme
Just the scars that remain
Of all of these things
I’m so much afraid
Scared out of my mind
By the demons I’ve made
Sweet Jesus, you never ever let me go
Oh, sweet Jesus, never ever let me go

So happy to love
Yet so far to go
You lead me on to where I’ve never been before