Barely Breathing (through my nose)

I recently got a cold (courtesy of Naggi, apparently, but I get them so often that I can’t really blame any specific person) and completely lost my sense of smell. My sense of taste was also affected, except for when I ate a jalapeño pepper at Wagamamas (my first time there, incidently). It came back very strongly, and missed me terribly while it was away. As soon as I’d drunk enough water (I actually ran out of enough and had to make do with Debra’s rice ’til my own came…) it left me again. It takes and takes…

Anyway, yesterday we went to the pub, and I realised that it was one of the most pleasant times I’ve ever spent in one, because we were in the non-smoking area and I didn’t have to breathe in ash every time I inhaled. So lacking in this central part of my senses, I went with Sam and Debra to Chris and Darren’s for dinner absolutely reeking of cigarettes, even though I thought I smelt completely fine. Ugh, gross. I still can’t smell anything but the strongest odours. (Before you say anything – *cough* Nick *cough*, I’m not one of them.)

So yeah, it looks like I’ll be sniffing my way through yet another winter at this rate, though actually it’s been pretty tame as a result of the warm weather we’ve had on both sides of the pond. S’posed to snow tonight though.

Anyway, Chrissy asked for camera pictures. Here’s some good ones I found of our lakeside view in the States. To see them, you’ll have to click here and here.