The Change

There’s some times in my life where I can see God being active, and see the Spirit working in the moment. I love those times. Mini miracles happen every day, my relationships with others deepen in a real way, and my entire outlook starts to mold itself closer to Christ’s. When I see the growth in me at these times, I realise just why I’m not quitting on God – He’s not quitting on me.

This past week has been one blessing after another. I’ve been tired and happy, revitalised, everything. And it’s been an eye-opener, and an amazing strengethener for my faith.

It also makes me think of the last three or four months which had been full of a recurring dissatisfaction, dryness and certain spiritual fatigue. It was a struggle, and testing.

This spiritual boost, however brief, has been a huge welcome relief. This is what the Christian faith is about: change, growth, learning. It’s not a stagnant life, but a vibrant, ever-changing one.