UCE Allegiance

Surprisingly, last week’s high is still in continuation. I’m still changing, still trying to be the best I could ever be. Still getting alot from my Bible reading and quiet times.

This week is gonna be really exciting. Today I’m leaving with Deb and Sam to go to Blackpool – the National Student Conference. Tuesday, I’m off to a Switchfoot Conference in London with Sam and Nick, then nxt weekend, I’m off to the SAFE retreat. With Sam. Again. Gee, what a social life 🙂 It’s only coincidental that my dad’s preaching that Sunday. Shucks. I’ll miss it. Hopefully Bert will record it ;o)

Anyway, I think this week has been chock full of good news and stuff. Woohoo! I’m watching Ed. It’s a classic.

Other news: I’ve got a UCE hoodie. Seeing as I’m the only one representing the uni at NSC (see above) I thought I should declare my allegiance. Plus, it’s fun to have a nice fleecey hoodie just because. I ended up going three times, the first to find out they didn’t have any smalls, so I should come back later, yesterday I returned to find that there were only mediums, so i got a medium, today went back cause it was too big to get a small in a different colour.

I suppose after seeing the Gosta Green campus I’ve realised that some of UCE is class. However, the fact that they’d tried to merge with both Aston and Birmingham Unis irritates me because UCE are one of the best at what they teach, media and technology-wise. Woohoo! My course is one of the best. Too bad we don’t have a silk screen printing machine on our campus.

I found out that it takes 45 minutes by the 11 to get from uni home, same as it takes on the train. So… I dunno. I think I’ll stick with the train. It’s more comfortable, and I’ve only experienced smokers once. Loads more times on the bus.

Bad bus. However, funny quote on screens:

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.
Groucho Marx