My laptop is going away for a week or so to be fixed up (my keyboard panel needs to be replaced – I spilt tea on it…the button sticks. But even before that, there was a gap between it and the screen when closed, from before I owned it.) The price will be steep… But it’ll please Bert, I’m sure, to know that I’m getting my Mag-cord replaced along with it. I won’t be getting ProCare though… its £80!

Anyway, before it leaves me tomorrow, I need to back it up. Argh. Long, arduous job.

SAFE weekend was good. Snowball fight was good, until the next morning. Walking hurt. But yeah, it was good playing UNO til 2 in the morning, and just hanging out with people. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to simply hang out with people. Awesome.

🙂 American Idol is funny. “Other door…other door.”

Me and Sam made a snowJesus by the road. Everyone was looking at us. I felt a real sense of community every time someone came and commented on our sculpture. Except that one guy. But we showed him!

I’m posting because I feel I should. So I’ll stop boring you now.