Googling Yourself

Recently, I have come across a few challenges, but God is leading me through them, and I’m praying for His wisdom a lot.

I haven’t googled my name in a while, and it was reeeeeally interesting when I looked through the results! Quite strange, actually 🙂

In images, it brought up the picture alongside an article from a church’s website that supports our family’s missionary work in Finland, very beautiful church, though very traditional. And all in Finnish :/ That was the only image. Blap.

In normal search came up the obvious, like my old website and my user profile.

What was strange was finding myself down as a UCE CU member on their website (don’t remember signing anything or anyone actually knowing my name, but hey) but also finding that UCE’d put up my web design concept onto their website which is really embarassing – I look at it now, and I could have done SO much BETTER. Ah well, fame is mine!

The others just bring up the same old missionary letters and profiles for my family. Ladida.

Unfortunately, googling a generic name like ‘Mandy Smith’ comes up with a lot of results, so it won’t work for everyone. I wonder if there’s any connection with Vinnie from a certain Glasgow Chinese Church whose profile reads ‘I wanna be Bert…‘? That would be interesting.

Chrissy also got hits on various people’s blogs, (my old one included, how neat is that?) The photo of Sam has been removed since I last Google-imaged it, darn. Alan – you’re apparently a board game geek, but I won’t take that too seriously.