Ghetto Boy

I realised maybe getting tired of reading the same thing on everyone’s blogs for a week was slightly hypocritical of me, as I haven’t posted in a while, but really, when you’ve got nothing to say, this kind of thing seems a bit of a daunting task.

My brother – AKA ‘GhettoBoy’…AKA Matti – stayed the weekend, was awesome to have him round. Went to Moore Street to pick him up, phone died, he wasn’t there, panicked, thought he’d gone Snow Hill, phoned mom from pay phone (VERY HAPPY I WROTE HER NUMBER IN MY DIARY!) was told: “He’s at New Street and bored.” OK, fine, went to meet him, all good, went home, watched Ice Age 2 – QUOTE!:

Manfred: And so, in the end, the little burro reached his mommy, and they lived happily ever after.
[Children cheer]
Diego: Good job.
Beaver Boy: Question. Why does the burro go home? Why doesn’t he stay with the rabbits?
Manfred: Because… because he wanted to be with his family.
Diego’s Bird Girl: I think he should go with the girl burro. That’s a better love story.
Manfred: Okay. Well, when you tell your burro story, that’s what he’ll do.
Elk Boy: Burro is a demeaning name. Technically it’s called a wild ass.
Manfred: Fine. The wild ass boy went home to his wild ass mother.
[Children laugh]
Manfred: See, that’s why I called it a burro!

Nick thinks I found this slightly too amusing. He just doesn’t understand. *sigh*. Nobody understands. WILD ASS BOY! COME ON!?
Saturday watched Stomp The Yard (Step Up but MUCH worse) made pizza from scratch (dough inc.) had e. guitar picked up by eBay customer (sweet-ness) watched DareDevil (realised it was 15 five mins before end…oops) went bed. Matti doesn’t believe me that Cat went ballet. Matti’s not 15.

Sunday caught bus to church, had church, went iD, learnt about people, had a slightly funny moment: – QUOTE!:

Naggi: Amy, how did you move from sunday school downstairs up to iD?
Tuuli: The stairs. *Dissolves into laughter*

I understand it really wasn’t that funny. But I’m tired. Anything is funny when you’re tired. Train station, sent GhettoBoy away, home. Guitared, this.