iD – Awesome People!

Today, I co-lead iD with some awesome people, and it was a brilliant experience and really opened my eyes to the amazing group of young people we’ve got growing up in the church. Some are represented in this month’s heading:

iD Girls Header

Firstly, we have some amazingly musically talented people – one rocks the guitar, another plays some awesome piano, for one. I also got to see just how fun they can be, one (no names!) easily matches her Leeds Uni sister’s ability in King Elephant, being top of the pile for all but two rounds, and then holding me off at Moose (second-in-command) for the last three rounds. Then we stopped. (She was just that good!) One is really starting to gain confidence and does a really good Princess. I think he was called on about 5 times in one round, because he was too funny.

I can see an incredible set of iD grads growing out of this in three, four, five years time. Their friendships are starting to go beneath the surface and become deeper; they’re more willing to talk ‘spiritual’ and explore more of what church is about. Some may even be currently considering that what we have is what they want too, as well. Time will tell.

So yeah, a couple months ago I didn’t really think I’d be up for returning to iD as a helper. It would mean not being able to hang out with Safe people for lunch after church, which I really enjoyed, and also meant that my Sunday afternoons would be filled with riotous kids and responsibility.

I in no way think I have a natural ability to connect with anyone much younger than me, I’m the kind of sad adult you always got annoyed with when you were younger because they just had no idea what it meant to be a kid anymore. How could they forget?! Easily. Life does that to you.

I’ve found though, that it’s been an amazingly stretching experience, and that Nick makes a great donkey, and I make an awesome Jesus (Yeah, YOU try re-enacting John 12:12-36!) but also that while youth leading is possibly not what God is calling me to, He’s definitely building into me characteristics I can use in other ministries as well.

So yeah, even if something doesn’t fit with your natural gifting, still go for it 100% and see what you can learn from it. You can bless a lot of people in the process, too!