Missions Trip Summer 2007

Me and Sam have been officially accepted to be part of the team going to the Middle East (I would disclose the actual destination, but close friends will find out anyway and it’s slightly too sensitive to reveal on the Internet. However, it is not Iraq. Just so’s ya know.)

This is gonna be AWESOME! And part of my prayers for this trip is that everyone else would become as excited as we are about going and sharing our faith with people. πŸ™‚

Mission β€˜07

So yes, we are both really looking forward to all the support raising and other preparation leading up to this (yes, seriously!) and invite you to join us in prayer for this amazing project!

Oh, and it will take a lot of financing for us to go, so if you feel like it’s something you want to bless and be a part of, feel free to drop us gifts. πŸ™‚

On a more graphical note, if you like the font, the main one I wanted to use was ‘misprinted type’ which took me aaages to find because the original creator (I assume) Misprinted Type doesn’t have it on his website, but it didn’t really work. HOWEVER the one I used instead, Guilty, and the other type, Broken 15, ARE on his site. Ah, distressed fonts. So fun to look at. So difficult to use.