I need a BAG!

So what does the future holiday hold for me then?

Well, on Saturday I am leaving bright and early for MEC in Uttoxeter (?!) which I have heard has good food. YESSS! I’m there until Tuesday when I catch a train with Sammo to the Easter Agape conference to do childcare (K2) until Sunday.

So that’s 8 days worth of clothes, K2 supplies (sweets, games, etc), and general conference STUFF. And James’ car… apparently rates a ‘cute’ on the size scale.

Uh oh.

Not good.

So I am on a mission to find a bag (collapsable, not hard case) that is sort of ‘medium’ in size, and preferable with wheels, so that

a) I can sort of cram it into a space that doesn’t have to be square, (ie. A car boot),

b) When it is not completely full it can be flattened(-ish) and takes up less room,

c) When I’m running for a train it will be easier to transport without my arm dislocating.

OK. So far, I have crossed off TK Maxx, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Sports World & JD (on the off-chance), Luggage/Lost Stuff in New Street Station, and Woolworths. TK Maxx was the biggest disappointment. They always shine through with something good! Shucks.

Anyway, my bag troubles are far from exciting. So I will leave you to your wonderful lives… that involve reading about other peoples’ online. Does that not worry you?! DOESN’T IT?!