The House Issue.

Raising support for mine and Sam’s missions trip has been really fun. So far, 9 cars, a house and a meal have been washed/cleaned/prepared. It’s been really fun. Lots of people have really got into raising money for the trip as well, which is encouraging. We’re also hoping to get a strong prayer support team together, and we have a day-to-day calendar available here to download, which will give you ideas of what to pray for each day leading up to the trip.

We don’t want to leave you hanging once we go either hopefully we will be able to send you regular updates on our progress while we are away, so you can continue having ideas for prayer and thanks!

I was kind of struggling as to what to write that wouldn’t be a run-down of the daily grind, which I’m sure is fascinating stuff if you live in Kansas and grow potatoes, but hey, you’re not. (Apologies to anyone who does. It’s a good job, very important for the Americans who need potatoes!) So I think actually I’ll share with you about my house next year, but not about its interior design.

Back in December, before I went away for Christmas to the U.S., I left a note for my current landlord that I wanted to keep the house I’m living in now, because hey, it’s a really nice house. After Christmas, the landlord confirmed it, and I lived in relative confidence I would be able to get four housemates (God-willing) soon.

So, a lot more praying went on. Then, a while later, Cat tells me she’d like to be a housemate! Awesome stuff. So a lot of thanking God went on in my heart.

Not long afterwards, however, my landlord called to let me know that the agency that the house is with had signed it over to another group of people, and that I could no longer have it next year. I thought, OK, God’s got my back, He’ll provide another house. The landlord then told me of another house that he had nearby that he could give me. I thought, Alright, God’s sorted this out for me. Sweet! I went to see the house and it was in no way as nice as my current one (think 5 guys for 3 years). But beggars can’t be choosers, so I agreed and paid a deposit.

A month passed, and I was still in limbo as to who my housemates would be. Currently it was me, Cat and three other empty rooms. We showed the house to a few prospective housemates we advertised for, but no one was really interested. At the back of my mind, I always believed God would pull through. There was nothing to do but trust Him, so I did.

(My landlord, however, didn’t have the same faith I did. And kept asking me when I would be getting housmates…)

However, two steps forward, one back, right? My landlord rings to tell me that the house that he had for me… was gone again, through the agency. So that was two houses gained and lost in as many months. Hmm.

So again, I was praying loads. I now wasn’t looking for a house for only myself, but Cat as well. And I still needed housemates! The stress was starting to build slightly, which was not good. Have faith! Have faith!

My landlord again told me of a house that his friend had, a four bedroom ten minutes away from me. So me, Cat and Debra trooped over to see it… and it was awesome. Not a 5 guys/3 years job again, but a really nice house, which had had various med students living there for the last four years.

I realised that this was the house God was holding me out for. It was great, less people, slightly more rent, but really, really good. And after a lot more praying, seeking and thanking God, two more housemates arrived, and I have ended up with an awesome house and three Chinese housemates. It’ll be just like church, only daily! Great 🙂

So I learned that God has His plans for me, and they’re perfect. It was awesome deciding to put my complete faith in Him and refuse to worry, and then seeing Him pull through for me.

God bless!