My Heart.

My prayers right now are that God would transform me so that when He teaches me something, that it wouldn’t just touch my head but be implanted in my heart and start to grow and become rooted in my life. I want all the lessons, and the discipline and the small words of wisdom to shine through in the way I live. Right now, I see myself learning, but not living these things out.

I prayer I will grow to learn and live, not just know.

I am also reading a book called Captivating, I don’t know if I would recommend it yet or not, but the first chapeter is really good. The book talks a lot about our relationship with God as a romance, and that’s something I’m still only touching on. So this has become my second prayer: that God would begin toreveal to me how much He loves me, to show me more sunsets and verses that touch the romantic side of my heart. Weird, I know, I’ve had two people ask if I’m a tomboy this week, and… No, not really, I’m a girl who prefers trousers and hoodies to skirts and frilly tops. No crime there! And I wear pink!

Other prayers include my missions trip and whatever else pops up. I had a really good time in worship today, God really touched me. He done good.

It was good going up to Leeds yesterday as well, seeing Chrissy again, and loads of other MEC people after only three weeks! I thought it would be ages, so that was a real blessing. 🙂 I love people. God makes awesome people.

Also, God’s reminded me today about being compassionate for people. Un-judgemental, and I’ve realised ust how cynical and untrusting my heart’s become towards people. There are few people I meet for the first time that I don’t judge straight away, and it always effects how I treat them. With suspicion. And that needs to change. God needs to melt away the barriers in my heart.


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