Charades..? Not Really…

Ooh, lotsa fun stuff has happened that might entertain you.

Khang’s blog aludes to one of them.

So on Khang’s birthday, we had him round for Asda pizza and some TV. Eventually, TV got boring and I got out one of my photography books, full of portraits of famous people. And not-so-famous people, judging by our lack of recognition of some of the names.

We started just by guessing who the famous ones were, Debra was really good, Khang was OK, so I ended up giving him some clues as to their names. So Kim Basinger was turned into:

Tuuli: “Last name, first half: another name for a sink.”

Khang: “Basin!”

Tuuli: “OK, the second half is a noise you make when you’re annoyed.”

Khang: “Ai yah!”

Tuuli: “No… When you get beaten by Ross on the Nintendo..?”

Khang: ” Huh?”

Tuuli: “A noise a tiger makes!”

Khang: “Grr?”

Tuuli: “Put it together!”

Khang: “Basin-Grr?”

OK, so my clues were atrocious. But it was entertaining because of it.

Other things that are happening: I have a photography exhibition on Thursday (10th) as part of the ‘Production Event’ a module on our course where we have to use the skills we’ve learned and produce something along the them ‘Media: Past, Present and Future’. For example, the radio students are doing a 24 hour radio station, the TV students are doing 3 hours of programmes, etc etc.

My photography group are doing ‘The Exhibition’ a gallery of four photos from each student. I used Cat as my model, trying to demonstrate the multi-skilledness of media students. You can see the photos on the web design students’ site,, and also get more of an idea of what it’s all about. It’s impressive stuff.

So yeah, the photo shoot was fun. It was a bit crazy, in that I had no idea what I was doing and had only seen a quick demonstration of using the equipment… all of which I didn’t have! So it was a crazy, but fun experience. :oS

Oh, my shoe decided to die on me at work. Now, this was my work shoe, and this was the day the chairman was coming to visit the shop. And my toes were hanging out of a bit split at the front of my shoe.

In the end, the chairman didn’t come, we stood around cleaning the same surfaces over and over in a bid to look busy for no reason, and so me and the girl I was working with decided to seal the split with ‘Cookie Monster’ stickers. Haha.

My Big Split

Funny feet! Funny shoes!

It was entertaining. Today I just wore trainers. YOU try looking for a decent pair of black shoes in size 9 in the women’s section. Is pretty tricky.

The next couple of weeks involve a lot of work: The production event on Thursday and preparation leading up to it, plus the 1,000 word evaluation afterwar, revision for my exam on the 14th and a resit of an exam I was away in America during. Oops. Also, my visual design assignment, my group newspaper for journalism, and research paper. Joy! You think we media students don’t have much work to do… but it’s just that there’s a lot more practical than academic stuff involved. So NER!