Summer 07

Je suis retournée.

I’ve been in Israel and South Korea for the past three weeks, where Israel was hot, and Korea was at the beginning of monsoon season.

It was pretty awesome, but if you want to know more, you’ll have to ask me. It’s not something I’m prepared to spend hours blogging about in a bid to avoid conversation later.

Since getting back, I’ve realised that England had more problems with bombings and whatnot than Haifa, where we were in Isael, and more rain than Korea in the monsoon season. England is an incredibly ironic place in which to reside…

I also learned the South Korean Christians have incredible faith, and incredible prayer lives. They live by the PUSH rule – Pray Until Something Happens – and have seen incredible things happen as a result. This definitely inspired me to start persevering in prayer for things, and asking for the improbable.

Another thing I learned was that sharing your faith isn’t rude, it isn’t invading another person’s personal life or taking over their culture: it’s saving their lives. I also learned just how important it is to start letting people know about Jesus before you never see them again.

I could say I’ve changed a lot, and been transformed, but instead I think I’ll say that I have learned much, but need to put it into practise before I see anything outwardly changing in my life.

So I guess I’ll leave it at that. God bless. 🙂