Uncrucial Thoughts

I swallowed something arthropodial on the way back from work, reminding me that maybe I shouldn’t sing so loud along to my iPod. I kept on feeling there was something that was moving at the back of my throat; it was slightly – really – gross.

Today I was thinking about political correctness. And how far it’s gone. If I wanted to be acceptably PC, how would I deal with – for example – the term ‘binmen’? Surely they’re called something else? ‘Binmen’ can be said to be derogatory and only recognises those of the male gender. Then I thought of ‘refuse collectors’, but that insinuates that they collect rubbish as though it were a compulsion, and not an occupation. So what other term could be used? If we want to be more accurate, they should be described as ‘refuse relocators’.

But that just doesn’t roll off the tongue. And I’ve never seen a lady in the role. Binmen works well. And so, my conclusion? I think political correctness is ridiculous.

It’s really weird living in an empty house. Sometimes you’ll run up the stairs when it’s dark in case anyone’s down there. And hide in your bed with your door locked. At my old house, I always concluded that the back room would be the last place they’d look, and I’d be able to run away. That was weird, selfish too, I guess, haha.

As well as empty, my house is also freezing – insanely so. The sun only shines through the windows for about an hour, this house is around 5/10 degrees at night, I’m sure. So my pyjamas are quite warm, and I don’t really consider that maybe my house is abnormal. So at sleep overs… I roast. Sam reckons I ‘radiate heat’, which I suppose describes it accurately.

Listening to Damien Rice’s ‘9 Crimes’, I’m trying to work out what it’s about. The lyrics are really obscure, but it’s in a minor key so that adds a certain undertone to it all. There’s a lot of possibilities. It’s a really passionate song though. I don’t know many Rice fans though, and no, I’m not talking about Chinese people in that sense. Haha. Genius.

Had two guys walk passed the shop: “Hello, Milly!” “Is Milly working?” and yesterday “Do you sell any hash-brownies? Hahaha..”


Well, two more shifts left in my four-in-a-row. Which isn’t bad. I got to fit in more than enough socials around this last week, which could be why I was sick longer than maybe I would have been if I’d, say, gotten to sleep before 10 each night, had a solid 12 hours of sleep. Saying that, I’ve been going to bed midnight most nights, waking up at 9/9.30-ish. Still waiting for Amazon to post 2 packages; Super Saver Delivery isn’t all it’s cut out to be. My diary ran out a week ago and I’ve been waiting for the replacement for at least two. Still, it works out a lot cheaper 😉

Anyway. It’s now 12.30am, I’m ready for bed so I’m gonna end this deluge of thoughts and save you from smashing your keyboard when you fall asleep reading it. Have a nice day!

Almost… by ~kelc

Almost by kelc