Shopping for One.

I haven’t been at home for dinner much these past few weeks. I’ve had to alter my food-shopping sprees accordingly, so here they are:

– Check sell-by dates. If they’re within 2 days, don’t bother. Add two days if you can stick them in the fridge.

– Don’t take up 2-for-1 offers of things you take a week or two to get through.

– Don’t buy meat. Eat it when you’re having dinner somewhere else.

– No chocolates/ice cream etc. Hot chocolate only. When you’re the only one at home…

– Don’t go shopping hungry. You will *always* buy too much. (Mom’s tip)

Apart from that, I’ve been working, and hanging out with people. I’ve got a couple Bible studies on the go, Revelations and Packer’s Knowing God, which I’m really happy about.

On Wednesday (tomorrow) I’m going down to London to hang with my folks and Dave… If you know him, he needs no second name.

The Lurking Sock Puppet by *ursulav

The Lurking Sock Puppet by *ursulav