Ratchets and Sockets and Hex Flange Nuts.

I thought I should post, but then realised that I don’t really have anything to post.

Though one funny thing did happen to me: On the way to town on Monday, the pedal fell off of Debra’s bike. So I had to keep screwing it back on with my fingers, and then when I was back-pedalling, hoping that might ‘help’ screw it in, the chain got stuck and I got grease all over my hands trying to loosen it and pop it back onto the gear.

I spent five minutes washing and re-washing my hands in the Bullring toilets, it was really funny.

Then I spent half an hour trying to find a tool to screw the thing back on, but no luck. Nothing in Bullring, nothing in the pound/99p stores, nothing in Sportsworld’s ‘bike section’ – (consists of two display bikes stuck to the wall) – and Bullring market didn’t have anything either. One good thing though, I managed to learn what tool I need – I ‘think’ I need – a ratchet, with a size 13 or 14 socket (a), to turn the ‘thing’ which is actually a hex flange nut (b).

Ratchet And Sockets


Hex flange Nuts

I’m hoping I have something in my tool kit, because it’s a really nice day and I want to cycle to work.

By the way, it takes 30mins to cycle to Bert’s from my house, 15 mins to cycle back. Stupid hills… Awesome hills! 20mins gets you to town, and it takes 30 mins to walk to Botanical Gardens and 1 hour to walk to town – while taking pictures of the canal on the way.