Work Placement

Today was my first day at my work placement, as he had nothing to do yesterday. It was also the first day of the Tube strike, but so far that hasn’t really been noticeable, a) because I haven’t used the buses before, and b) the buses don’t seem to ever get above 2nd gear anyway. They’re just slow all the time.

Work placement was good. I followed around a guy called Nick who does photography for estate agents, inside and outside houses. They’re quick jobs, and he does about 6-8 houses every day. Each job doesn’t vary much, we work out a good angle, take some initial shots, clear them up (moving magazines, used cups, footballs out the way) and then take some shots without and then with the flashgun. It’s pretty generic, but he knows way more than I do about lighting and such, so there’s a lot to learn. He’s also really funny.

And, I don’t know who’ll appreciate this more than me, (probably Joe Lee, Bobby, Ming) but we ride around to each job in his silver Mercedes SLK 280. Ooooh yeah!

My sister’s birthday was on Sunday, so it was awesome to be able to be home for that. I made her a giant cookie, I think it was awesome. Tastes pretty good too.

Elina's Giant Cookie

There’s also some interesting road names here. Check out the ‘Man in the Moon’ passage (closed for something or other…)

Man in the Moon Passage


I also spotted a fridge magnet with a cool recipe for cincinatti style chili. So I took a picture of that… I’ve also copied out loads of cool recipes from my mom’s cook book, though most are for cakes… Mocha Chocolate cake anyone?