Parents Away! Go Part-ay!

Yesterday I was with the other half of the photography ‘company’ – it’s just two guys – no Mercedes this time…

…However! after a bit of Wiki-sleuthing, I discovered what I was riding around in was his first generation Mazda MX 5 soft top. Silver again 🙂

Today, it’s 7.30 and I’ve already been up for an hour. My parents are away, and Matti needs a 6.30 wake up to reach school in Clapham by 8.15. I made a *very* strong cup of tea, and I think I’ll survive. The clouds outside are awesome – more wiki-sleuthing… – There is an “Altocumulus mackerel sky”. I think. It’s a very confusing page – but I took pictures.


Another result of my parents being away was a crazy photo-taking frenzy, because this flat is bare of any photographs… We haven’t been a major photo-displaying family, I suppose. So yeah, to fix that, we (I) decided we should take loads of photos of all of us doing crazy things. ‘Twas very fun.

Kung Fu

Here, we demonstrate our Chinese side, and display our wickid-stylee-mad kung fu skillz. (And in order not to slight anyone, or invoke a ‘correction’ from an ever-reliable source, I wiki-sleuthed to make sure Kung Fu is *actually* Chinese and not from Micronesia.


This is the demonstration of ‘evolution’ in our family. It took three tries by my parents before they finally got it right… Yeah, I turned out a real mess.

On another note, I’ve noticed how clever (and sometimes annoying) iTunes is. Note how all the songs/artists beginning with ‘The’ are ordered according to the letter of the following word? ie. ‘The All-American Rejects’ are under ‘A’; ‘The Last Night’ is hanging out with ‘Last Notes’ and ‘Kyrie Eleison’ (Shaun Groves/Mark Schultz), rather than the T’s. Why annoying? When you’re trying to look for ‘The Beautiful Letdown’ where reason says it should be, among ‘Theme Talk 3’ and ‘There is Nothing Like’ it can give you a bit of a crazy panic thinking you’d lost one of the BEST Switchfoot tracks you’ve ever owned…

Huh. Those clouds moved on quick. Now all we have is a brilliant blue sky.