Burn Out Bright – and Limping.

Commenting on the story behind Burn Out Bright, Jon Foreman (one of my favourite and most talented musicians and songsmiths ever, also lead in my favourite band Switchfoot) wrote the following:

Seems like every story I can relate to starts off with a broken heart, broken dreams and bleeding parts. There’s a story I know about a man named Israel who wrestled with God. From that day on he walked with a limp. I guess in a lot of ways I don’t trust a man who doesn’t have a limp.

Thinking about that, it really got me thinking. To sum up the story, (see Genesis 32:22-32 for the real thing) guy called Jacob comes across this guy and they randomly start to wrestle with each other throughout the night. During the process, the stranger unjures Jacob’s hip. At daybreak the stranger needs to leave, but Jacob refuses to let him go until he blesses him. And when he was blessed, he realised he was wrestling with God, (v28) and let the man go.

Now, I’m not too good at explaining, but what I really grasped from this is that sometimes, when dealing with God you get injured. Um… not like God actually hurts you, but you might end up having to sacrifice things or you lose some of your rights or your dignity. But what Jacob did when he was injured was not give up, but to ask for blessing. So often when we go through a struggle in our relationship with God we give up or get angry at Him – maybe, it’s a chance to ask for God’s blessing. And He does bless – but he doesn’t heal the injury. That was left there as a reminder for not only Jacob, but all of Israel (v32).

I’m sure there are people who have been through this exact same struggle, but have instead asked God for blessing and thus been a witness to many other people through their experience. It’s pretty cool.