Dreaming of Waterfalls

This is a (very) paraphrased quote from a Cambridge Vineyard Church sermon, ‘The Irresistible Power of Big Dreams for God‘ (right-click to stream):

If you had an unlimited amount of time and resources and all the skills you needed, what dreams would you fulfill?

Now, there was about 2 minutes in the middle of the sermon for people to write down what impossibly great dreams they had for God – I was on my break walking around Bullring, so I couldn’t participate, plus no pen or paper – but I was truly inspired by this.

I was thinking it was faith enough to make an impact on my coursemates at uni… though I guess at the beginning I just had a dream of a huge wave of God literally cascading down and through and out of my campus, it was a really strong image in my mind – and I prayed for it, for a week or two maybe, then my prayers started to get smaller as I started uni again and the dull lectures and uninspiring lives of the students started to take their toll. It was becoming a mirror image of the last year, with all the spiritual changes on the inside of me, and nothing happening in the lives of anyone around me.

I’m not satisfied with that!

I’m telling you, it’s BORING and USELESS. I spent the last ten years of my life just refusing to take God seriously when He said He’d be the strength in my weakness, instead giving into the lies and the fear that I would fail. Who cares if I fail!? When did that ever stop God? When did it even matter? God, my Daddy, is more happy that I try and fail than if I don’t even bother. Just trying shows I trust Him, because that’s where the end results lie.

In fact, this post is a real wake-up call for me. Sometimes you need to write it down before you actually start to believe it.

Time to start praying big and doing big. The harvest’s out there.

For Cambridge Vineyard sermons, visit the Sermons Page. I’m currently listening to sermons from 2002.