Uh so… I’m still listening to those sermons, I’m on prayer at the minute and it’s still pretty amazing. I’m learning so much and, like often happens when God’s teaching you more, I’m realising just how little I know. And another consequence? I’m realising how much more I want to learn!

I went to CU for the first time in a year last night, even though it was raining, and it was SO good. The room was packed so I didn’t actually pass  through the doorway and spent the time with 7 or 8 people who couldn’t (or wouldn’t – it was really hot) fit in either. One of my prayers beforehand was to find someone(s) who wanted to take over BCU with me (in the spiritual sense) and… well, it looks like a lot of people – or at least, the leaders – also have the same idea. Maybe not as big or bold yet, but there’s a right idea behind it. And it made me happy.

Also, one Chinese guy shows up. And he knows who I am. From BCEC. Ah, what are the chances?