Why Most Media is Poo.

Strangely enough, I had a flash thought as to why the media industry is so full of immorality and dirt-low standards, reflected in the programs shown on TV, the radio topics that are discussed, the teen girl magazine’s write-in issues… it goes on.

We were in a seminar for a module that basically revolves around work placements, CVs, interviews, that kind of thing (simply because they want us to get jobs – it reflects well on the uni – and it’s very competitive in the media industry anyway) and while doing it one of the questions the lecturer asked was this:

“If you were bottom of the ladder, and asked to do something you found uncomfortable, would you still do it?”

And one of the guys was like, “Yeah, it might be something I wouldn’t like to do, but if I don’t they could easily find someone else who will, and I might have lost an opportunity to stand out and go further in my career.”

Lecturer’s response: “That’s fair enough; sometimes you need to do things to get better opportunities that are uncomfortable.”

Now, the media industry is really hard to get into. It doesn’t matter what skills you have, because it’s so easy now to get hold of equipment and teach yourself it’s resulted in a lot of people vying for very few jobs. The one thing you really need are contacts in the workplace who will think of you first when a job opens up, but even then you almst always start on the bottom rung where it’s easy to get knocked off.

There are lots of problems with this. First of all, the reason the state of the media is so dire is not because they’re all deliberately setting out to shock and appaul as many people as they can. It’s because slowly their standards are being eroded every time they make choices that go against their consciences simply to further their careers, until nothing they do seems like a big deal. Their moral standards are just slowly worn away; it’s not how they may have been to begin with.

I hear all the time how ‘we need more Christian media workers’ as well. Well, now I know why. One: we have moral standards that help us to choose wisely and with integrity. So what? There are loads of good people out there who wouldn’t choose the good path! I agree, but what also sets us apart is that we’re not depending on ourselves to be promoted. We have something other than ourselves who will help us to stand out and who will make things happen for us to gain more influence. ‘Good’ people believe as much as anyone else that they need to make an impression, they need to do things to help them stand out. Because God is the one we have set our hope in, and because we know He is all-powerful and can do miraculous things to help us, we don’t have to go against His will to get opportunities that He can orchestrate for us.