I Am A Thief.

I’ve had an interesting day.

To say the least.

In the morning I was an hour and a half late… to my morning bake shift.

Which was pants, and I felt terrible… I just forgot. Moment of blonde-ness.

Afterwards, I met up with someone for a chat, tea and a doughnut at Krispy Kremes which was INCREDIBLY awesome, as she agreed to disciple me which means I will no longer be wandering around aimlessly with only sporadic guidance from the more experienced Christians in my life, and so things are LOOKING UP!

Then, I headed home, and the trip was fine, got train, bus came just as I got out of the station so I got a ride down Vincent Drive (lazy but good!) Then I got home and couldn’t find my keys ANYWHERE! I knocked on the door, but no one was in…

Phoned Cat, asked if she was in… nope, she was at uni.

Then I spotted the open window… one of those big ones that swings vertically outward, and if pulled far enough out…

So I just broke into my house, though gracefully. Sat on the ledge and swung my legs over and in, DID NOT climb in head first. Tried not to embarrass myself on my first ‘job’…

I’m really hoping and praying that the people at the bus stop opposite – who undoubtedly witnessed the whole thing – will continue to be their British selves and just ignore it and not bother the police with the information that someone was robbing the student house across the road.

I think it was God-ordained the window was left open. Though.. Seeing how easy it was to get in I think that will (SHOULD) never happen again, haha. Still, I think God’s looking out for us in this house. He’s got our back(s). Though I’m not gonna post my address for all you people hoping to get a cut of the action..