Yesterday marked a momentous day in my year, as it was my


So I am now poor. Really poor. I actually discovered that, while they show in your bank account that cheques you have paid in have already been credited in your account, they may actually have yet to be cleared… so where I thought I had cash, I was actually going over my overdraft. I’m actually really angry with HSBC for that, tricking me. And transferring money from my ISA would take as long as the cheque needs to clear, so it’s pretty useless. Marilyn’s bailed me out though.

On another note, last night proved eventful also, as I had to fight a cold, cough, fever and headache at various intervals.. hopefully I can still sing tonight.

But yeah, I have to wash my sheets today, they’re all germ-ified. The frost outside is REALLY beautiful though.

*Groan* Still feel bad. I need a hot shower. But they are proving popular with housemates today, lol…

As I haven’t blogged in a while, let me just bullet-point a few things that have happened:

– I have become a MASSIVE fan of Brooke Fraser (the writer of the song Hosanna from Hillsong United). Her album Albertine is aMAZing.

– I have been to the FIRST of my friends’ weddings, which is one of the marks of age and maturity… in other words, that you ‘are getting on a bit’.

– I’m currently doing a lot better in my theory assignments at uni than my photography… which is surprising, and not how I want it to be! lol. I’m there to take pictures, not talk about the impact of feminist thinking upon research within the media advertisement industry…

– I’m going back to Finland for Christmas.