Second Day in Tampere


It’s my second day here in Finland, which means that not too much has happened. Yesterday though, we went out to the cabin on the far side of the lake (the forested, un-urbanised side) and found a Christmas tree. Managed to hack it down (I was the true hero here, gave it a couple hits with the axe and then stared at it… Was the look of death, ‘cause it just fell over then!)

Lethal Weapon 1

Then we went back to the flat, decorated the tree and then watched a couple re-runs of Heartbeat which the Finnish channel 1 has just imported – oh joy. It’s either that or MTV, and Pimp My Ride just doesn’t interest me. Neither do the Cribs of 25 year-old men who still act like teenagers. Everything else is Finnish and it’s difficult to concentrate for long.

Lethal Weapon 2

So the Finnish is pretty poor (as in my grasp of the language) like I thought, and it’s difficult to explain what an ‘iTunes Music Store card’ is, especially if they don’t have any (which is looking increasingly likely…)

But today we went to the shops and I managed to get by without anyone knowing how bad it was. I still have to inspect the coins like a foreigner to check how much each one’s worth…

Had the best pizza buffet ever, too. £5.50 (8 euro) included pizza, a salad bar and a potato casserole and lasagne, and drink… but I still didn’t feel like I’d eaten anywhere near that amount of food to make it worth it. (A couple slices of pepperoni, two bread rolls, salad, helping of cheesy-potato casserole…) They do make money!

Our grandfather went out to the cabin again today and replaced our small branch with a real mini tree, so we don’t have such a sad excuse in our bedroom anymore (me and my sister are sharing). So cool.

Plus the food is awesome. Even if the staple is potatoes, we sure do get it in a variety of forms…