Everything I Can Think to Write About..

There’s something hugely satisfying about going through a to-do list and being able to tick everything off, one by one. For me there was double the joy in that I wrote it on a sticky note and got to crunch it up and throw it away as well.

I feel that I’ve had the most productive morning ever.

Well, I say morning, but it’s 12.40 now and I started at 12, however apart from breakfast it was the first thing I’ve done since I got up. (Which was 10. I like slow mornings!)

One of the things I always get behind on are e-mails. In gmail there’s this brilliant ‘star-ing’ method where you can put a little star next to an email (I suppose simliar to ‘flagging’ an email, but much cuter) and I have a habit of starring an email with the aim of replying to it later.

However, later comes and goes and it gets to the point where my eventual reply would always begin with a mass of apologies and excuses for my extremely bad time management.

Perhaps you’ve received one of those, to which my deepest regrets I put forth:

My bad.

But today was good, I managed to send out Christmas present thankyou’s (not so bad in that the one gift I only received a week ago…!) and sorted out MEC things. MEC is looking AWESOME folks, start signing up now!

I had the MEC cheque on my desk for a couple of days but just had to throw it away because of a massive tea ring stain on the bottom half. I’ve lost the form as well. I think it accidently ended up in the paper recycling last Sunday.

Which brings me to another thing!

Someone STOLE our green recycling bin! It was leaning in this handy hole in our house by our door, so someone had to walk right up our path, past our front door, pick it up and walk all the way back – not like it could have been ‘mistakenly’ thought to be theirs…! Marilyn has a conspiracy theory and thinks the government steals them back so we have to pay for replacements.

However replacements are free according to the website. And so we should be getting a new one within two weeks! For now, all our glass and stuff are stacked up in our house..

Glass Stuff Milk Cartons

Other happenings – the lightbulb fixtures in our kitchen and bathroom have broken so that they can’t hold the bulbs anymore, so we’re having a great time cooking in the dark and showering by flashlight. Joy…