Let’s Talk.

Telephone Pole
The telephone pole outside T&J’s house, summertime.

I tried writing this post once already – five minutes ago – but the wording was awful, the structure was all over the place, and the point was kinda blunt.


I realised that, looking back at the last couple of posts I’ve done – ‘sporadic’ comes to mind – I’ve realised I haven’t really explained why I quit Millies. And these last two weeks have been a brilliant example of why. If I’d been doing my weekly average of 18 hours at Millie’s, I would have missed out on SO much of the things I’ve been able to do, from meetings to work placement opportunities to social life-improving ventures…

I found a fantastic work placement going into the Agapé office and doing stuff. (If you go to their site you might see some people you recognize…) Lots of stuff. Stuff that ranges from organising photo catalogues to doing photo shoots to interviewing and writing articles for their magazine. I mean, this is generally more than any other student could hope for. And it’s doubly enjoyable because in the end it’s for people whose purpose is beyond this world – an eternal view for the work that they do here. So my efforts have eternal value 🙂

I also wanted the rest of my efforts (bar university) to have that same kind of value; I wanted to invest in people’s lives and do something more important than making people fat. And trying to work 18hours a week and go to SAFE, help in iD, join the MEC comittee, help with worship… it was getting a bit much and I had little time to actually spend with people. Trying to meet up with someone was a chore, and usually ended up going:

Person: “Can you do Wednesdays?”
Tuuli: “No, got work. How about Thursday mornings?”
Person: “No, I’ve got meetings. Friday?”
Tuuli: “Maybe. I’ve got an hour window at 1.”
Person: “Oh, I’m free until 12 only…”

And so on. So, after getting the A-OK from God about finances, I dropped the bread-winning but time-filling occupation that was Millie’s Cookies and am now devoting myself with much joyfulness to more eternally important things.

Millie’s Days
Ah, gone are the days of Millie’s… I managed to leave *just* as they introduced that ridiculous ‘Have a Millie’s Christmas’ Santa hat.

And it’s been BRILLIANT.


WOAH! Did it just get really dark reeeeally fast?! It took 20 minutes to go from sunset-light to night-time darkness. Insane! It’s snowing, too 🙂


Oh, not snowing anymore. Nevermind.