Hot Pot Teeth.


I figured I should be writing more often than I do, so this post will make it a post every two weeks for the last 6. I realised I haven’t posted at all regularly recently, and no matter how uninterested you are, I figured.. What the hey. It would be fun to keep you informed on the small things that happen.

So, I got the results for a lot of my 1st semester assignments: thanks to all the SAFE people who prayed, I got a wonderful first in that module 🙂

I’ve had two hot pots this week, some people are heading towards three or more because of other things, but the novelty hasn’t worn off yet for me, I still quite like it. Except for those funny meatball-things. I didn’t like them. Or prawns! Ew. If it looks like the animal and not just like flesh – I don’t wannit. Or seafood. It has a funny taste. But yesterday was the fourth in my life.

First – Debra’s House

Second –  SAFE Welcome-thing

Third – Angela’s Housewarming

This week has been full of ups-and-downs, the weekend was an awesome kick-start but I began university again on Monday (I haven’t had lectures since Christmas) and that brought me down to earth again – media culture theory, anyone?

Then I went to the dentist on Tuesday about my brace, but because no one had really listened to my reason for coming on the phone they just had to turn me away. I broke the brace (called a bonded retainer) on my teeth – it’s just a wire that’s been sorta hot-glued to the back of my front teeth – and the entire wire came off, stupidly I threw it away. So it turns out the dentist doesn’t have any of these wires handy, so I have to go to my orthodontist, even though I told them on the phone that I didn’t have a wire. So until I get it replaced, (I’m waiting for my NHS discount application form to go through first so I don’t have to pay – as much) I’m hoping my teeth don’t move in the meantime…