Morning Glory
Imprisoned in Glory

I took a nap today, after a pretty productive day even if it was still only 1pm. By the time I had gotten home from doing all that work I was drifting off and so decided I should probably get some downtime before I set about attempting the load of uni work that’s mounting up.

Thing is, the last time I had a nap it lasted an hour but I woke up and felt HORRIBLE. I mean, it must have been only the middle of a sleep cycle or something (that’s my psychological answer) because I was groggy, lethargic, irritable, and feeling generally doped (that’s my pysical diagnosis). I couldn’t do anything but eat the smallest portion of my housemate’s dinner offerings before stumbling back up the stairs and surrendering to the call of my bed.

Today I slept for two hours, but it was still a major effort to get up, and I’m currently nursing a mug of tea in a desperate bid to wipe away the cobwebs in my head. Not as bad as the last time, but I’ve concluded that it works out much better for me to stay awake and snooze during an afternoon lecture, because generally I get more work done.

Well, I’m looking at my photos from last weekend to brighten my mood – and God did good. On Sunday I walked over to B&R’s to hitch a ride to church, and the sun was brilliant, the grass was frosty and I managed to capture enough of it to make my day. Last night was a brilliant sunset, and today was just generally warm and gorgeous – blue skies all round to brighten up your days!