Crazy Little Thing.


It’s about time I wrote again.

I’m back at university, and things are starting to pile up. I’m really not liking this early easter, all my deadlines are being brought forward so what would have usually been due in week 8 or 9 is now due in week 6. I’m feeling the push, the endless cycle of lectures, readings, assignments, projects, research, planning.

On the other hand, I know I’ve got a lot less work than Oxbridge students, so that’s comforting. Still, I wish my research times were more productive… it’s taken me about 3 hours to find two worthwhile books for a literary review on Google Books/Scholar. An hour in the library looking for and finding 9 out of 11 books produced one possible source. Argh, such time wasted.

A side note: Samsung thinks I’m funny.

The un-academic side of my life, however, is proving a lot more fruitful – I’m seeing growth in my girls at BCEC’s youth group and loving every Sunday at church and every week leading up to MEC. Prayer’s getting pretty awesome for me too, I’m having to shave off time getting ready just so’s I can write more in my journal.

Uh… Yeah, this is why I don’t write often. That’s it.