Off Again This Summer

Sunset City

As some of you know, I headed over to the Middle East last summer for two weeks and S Korea for one week.

This summer, after a lot of thought, prayer and discussion I’ve decided to go again, but will spend the entire three weeks in the country (last time the S Korean conference was a one-off.)

Two things:

One: as you may have read from my last post, my last trip wasn’t a ‘success’ in the way that you could define success. Instead, the best thing that came out of it was me realising just how ineffective I was on my own merit, and how much I needed to depend on God. This was the beginning of an amazing growth spurt in my relationship with God, so in that sense, it wasn’t a failure.

Two: since then I don’t feel I’ve become any more gifted or experienced than I was then, I was a bit skeptical about going. I also didn’t feel that I had a particular calling to go there, but through various conversations and discussions I began to realise that it didn’t matter what I felt if God was sending me there.

And God gave me clear signs along the way that I should be considering it. So, 3 days before the deadline, I printed out my application, got my reference form filled in, and posted it the day before.

I’m feeling excited, but also a bit apprehensive: as always, this kind of thing proves a challenge for me, and it’ll be an uphill struggle in some places, I’m sure, but then: God taught me an important lesson last time and I would be an idiot to forget it now.

So yes, those are my plans 🙂

On another note, something I’ve learned that’s AWESOME:

The Bible does not tell us to pray for humility, as if we should expect God suddenly to break through our pride and fill us with humble feelings. Instead, the Scripture teaches us to humble ourselves – to face pride and self-satisfaction honestly whenever they rear their heads – and then to repent of them and take whatever action is necessary to be humble before God… Pride is deadly, and Satan will manipulate it every time to thwart God’s work in us and through us.
– Bill Graham, p 94, ‘The Greatest Lesson I’ve Ever Learned’ by Bill Bright (ed.)