Post-MEC Round-up

MEC Hoodie

So, I promised before MEC to let you know how it all went and what kind of coolness came up out of it.

Well, as you might know, I was part of the committee team and one-third responsible for the worship. Leading up to the conference this largely meant assigning people to be in charge of worship for the various talk sessions, planning my worship set for Monday’s combined session and helping to write an MEC theme song.

During the conference, I was mostly delegating. I had so many willing hands and it was awesome how everyone I asked was more than happy to set up the projector, or carry a laptop from one room to another, or whatever. In fact, I don’t really feel like I did anything much at all, except hang out, chat with people and click through slides. Fantastic. I really enjoyed talking with people I’d never met before, and especially loved my small group. River rules!

But I wasn’t just there to enjoy myself or work – I also wanted to see what God had set out for me to learn as well, and wanted to be sure I wasn’t distracted when I should be listening out for it – so one of the many good things about being a small group ‘leader’ (I felt more like a discussion-invigilator) was that I had to take notes so we could discuss the talk.

In the last talk I was highly unprepared and had left my handbook up in my room, so I was taking notes on the back of one of my chord sheets. Writing them up in the handbook after the conference, I really felt God hammering home the main points that I had written down:

How to Live a Life of Legacy:

Be faithfulknow God’s promises, and live by them.

– To accomplish this, I decided to set myself the task of memorising verses where God has promised us something. The next day, my devotionals led me to this one:

Fear of men will prove to be a snare, but whoever
trusts in God will be kept safe.
Psalm 29:25

That was an awesome reminder to always show God’s love, regardless of how ‘weird’ I might come across. For me, that’s normal. Haha.

Be obedient – when rebuked, change; when sent, go.

– Here I decided that I would be kept accountable by a friend when God says I’m messing up somewhere, so that I can be sure to change. It also meant that when I felt the small tug to talk to someone, to do it – again, by being faithful and leaning on promises like Psalm 29:25.

Be available – Actively go where people have a need, and invest time, energy and resources.

– For me, this came down to making sure I don’t avoid opportunities to talk with people, because sometimes I’d rather not have to have the hassle of making conversation with people. It also meant giving the little I have even if I’ll never be ‘repaid’.

I also added a fourth one for myself:

Be disciplined – To seek God and run the race regardless of the weather.

This, I suppose, is a mixture of the first three, but also a reminder to myself that I’ll always need to depend on something outside of myself – and not my own resources or emotions or ability – to obey God.

So far, I haven’t been in Birmingham to ‘test’ my new knowledge yet, but I’ve been at home in London where I’ve more than enough opportunities to help out and bless my family. So yeah! Awesome 🙂