Artist Spotlight

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Rotunda, Bullring

One of the musicians that I love the most – some will know – runs a close second to Switchfoot. In some ways, actually she surpasses them in Tuuli’s Charts.

Her name is Brooke Fraser, and she’s one of the worship leaders for Hillsong Church in Australia (sadly, I’ll never catch her at the one in London…) but she’s also released a couple CDs apart from them. She writes her own songs – and you have probably been singing at least one without knowing it…

I see the King of Glory
Coming down the clouds with fire….

She wrote Hosanna.

So yeah, she’s one of the ladies I try to learn from – there aren’t that many female worship leaders within my own circle of influence… She’s also really funny. Anyway. Here’s one of my favourite songs from her album (that is both decent quality and shows her humour..)*

And her voice is incredible, but she doesn’t show it off when she leads worship – her words: “We’re not hear to show off, we’re here to worship God.”

That ends the short, secret peep into Tuuli’s iTunes 25 Most Played…

*If I’d been able to find a decent copy, I’d have put ‘C.S. Lewis Song‘ in instead. Or ‘Hymn‘. Or ‘Lead Me to the Cross‘, or ‘Albertine‘ – a song about the Rwandan genocide – or ‘Love is Waiting’.